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 Assessment at CHS

Meaningful assessments are a crucial part of our learning and teaching vision at Coleshill Heath. Children are continually assessed through ongoing observations, high order questioning and reflecting on learner profiles. Other methods include teacher, peer and self-assessment to inform whether the child has any misconceptions that may require additional support. This is called Assessment for Learning (AfL) and is used to ensure children are receiving the appropriate educational 'diet', that is well-balanced and appropriately pitched. 


There are times during the school year that more formal assessments are required. These are reported on the school assessment system, and are analysed with class teachers in termly 'Learning and Standards' reviews. These results allow us to compare classes, groups and individual children to each other and the National Expectation. More importantly, they allow a more in-depth view into the needs of our children to ensure we can organise well scaffolded and supported interventions. 

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#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage