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At our school we promote excellent attendance to enable pupils to take full advantage of the educational opportunities we offer. Attendance is monitored daily and the school works closely with families to support good attendance. We ask parents to ensure that children arrive in school in good time for registration each day. The day starts at 8:50 a.m and children will be collected and welcomed into their classes by their teachers.

Attendance since September 2016


100% – 98%

Excellent.  Accessing all learning opportunties


97% – 96%

Good. Very few learning opportunities missed.


95% - 94%

Risk of under achievement.  Up to 10 days absent in an accademic year.


93% - 92%


Risk of under achievement. Your childs will be monitored by Headteacher, Attendance Lead & CSAWS officer.

  92%-90%  Unsatisfactory Severe risk of under achievement. Your childs attendance is being montiored by Headteacher, Attendance Lead and CSAWS officer.


89% and below

Legal procedures


Extreme risk of underachievement.  In legal terms your child is considered to be ‘persistently absent’

#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage