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Meeting 05/02/16




Friday 5th February, 2016


Meeting Place


Spare Phase 3 Classroom


Council Members


1P: Tiarna and Logan

1R: Phoebe and Brody

1U: Isabel and Joshua

2P: Mollie and Tyan-Tyrone

2R: Faris and Darcy

3B: Timia and Harvey

3G: Tyler and Shayela

4G: Thomas and Ella-Mae

4W: Jacob and Isabelle

5J: Callum and Grace

5W: Lilly-May and Nathanial

6H: Jayden and Charlie

6S: Casey and Joshua


Meeting Chair



Council Agenda Focus:


  • Discuss Road safety
  • Give the SC the travel plan survey to do in class and explain what they need to do
  • Discuss what the SC can say to their class











#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage