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Meeting 29/01/16




Friday 29th January, 2016


Meeting Place


Spare Phase 3 Classroom

Council Members who attended


1P: Tiarna  and Logan

1R: Phoebe and Brody

1U: Isabel and Joshua

2P: Mollie Brown and

2R: Faris and Darcy

3B: Harvey

3G: Tyler and Shayela

4G: Thomas and Ella-Mae

4W: Jacob and Isabelle

5J: Callum and Grace

5W: Lilly-May and Nathanial

6H:  Charlie

6S: Casey and Joshua


Meeting Chair


Councillor Ken Hawkins SMBC


Council Agenda Focus:


  • To discuss the difference between national and local Government.
  • Discuss the services they deal with.
  • Explore issues around the school and surrounding area.




  • The children had different photos and had to put what the national government is responsible for and what the local Council is responsible for.
  • The children made two lists and some of the pictures such as the police, fire service and hospitals went in the middle as they are run by both.
  • The children discovered the local council are responsible for parks but Government policy states everyone should have recreational facilities. 
  • The children discovered the Government are responsible for motorways, rail services, the Navy and how much money the local councils receive.
  • The children discovered the local council is responsible for waste and recycling collection, parks, local roads in the area and swimming baths.


Groups were made to discuss what is important to the school council in and around school.


The items which the children said were important were


  • Bullies / Gangs.
  • Cars and motorbikes speeding around the school.
  • Adults and children swearing.
  • More police for prevention of gangs.
  • Smoking as it causes pollution.
  • Road safety officers and lollipop ladies etc.
  • Litter.
  • Floods.


Most of the children agreed road safety came first.


#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage