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Our Coleshill Heath Code

Meet Our Code Captains

Meet Our Code Captains  1 Code Honesty - Ben and Grace
Meet Our Code Captains  2 Code Confidence - Alfie and Ella-Mae
Meet Our Code Captains  3 Code Kindness - Jayden and Ruby
Meet Our Code Captains  4 Code Courage - Jacob and Jessica



At CHS we are committed to developing the children's social and emotional intelligence, directly contributing to their 'character development' and preparing them for their place in society.


At the heart of this is our Coleshill Heath Code, which focuses on the following four key character values: kindness, confidence, honesty and courage


Our entire school community has been split into these four 'teams', with all members fully committed to modelling and promoting these values, earning points for their team and taking ownership of our shared vision and ethos. 


Please click on the individual values below to find out a little bit more about each one. 

#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage