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The classes in Reception are:

Young Investigators – Mrs. Faulkner & Mrs. Wright

Young Creators – Miss Thomson & Mrs. Ball

Young Adventurers – Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Harding

Spring II 2017

Wow! What a busy start to the Spring term we have had! We thoroughly enjoyed our topic od 'Will you read me a story?' which was all about fairy tales. We read lots of different stories but we particularly enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs.


Our topic for this half term is “Do cows drink milk?” We will be concentrating on where our food comes from and thinking lots about healthy eating. We will be looking at life on the farm and the animals that live there as well as looking at seeds and growing, where we will have the opportunity to plant our own seeds. We will also have the opportunity to ask lots of questions such as ‘do cows drink milk?’ and ‘do hens lay square eggs?’


Our topic will take on many possible lines of inquiry and fascination including:

- Where does food come from?

- Animals that live on the farm

- Seeds and Growing

- Animal Body Parts

- Healthy Eating

- Farm Machinery


As always, the children’s interests will form the basis for our exploration and discussion.

Early Writing

This term we will continue to focus on your child’s writing. Here are a few tips for you at home: Let your child write and mark make as much as possible, Let your child have a go at sounding each word out, they don’t need to copy, Say the sentence they want to write in different voices first, e.g. loud or quiet, Write about different things you have done and send them into school – we love hearing all about your child’s learning at home.

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January 2017


Click on the link to find out more about our Cornerstones topic, 'Will you tell me a story?' for this half term:


Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope you have had a good holiday! This is a brief outline of some of the work we will be covering in class during the Spring half term. Our Cornerstones topic this term is ‘Will You Read Me A Story?’ This topic will involve using our imagination to retell stories though role play. To start our topic off we will have a visit from the Chaplins theatre group who will perform ‘The Magic Castle.’ We will also be discussing our favourite stories.


Why not bring your favourite story into school to share with your class?


Communication and Language Speaking and Listening will form a major part of our work. The children will be asked to discuss what their favourite stories are, as well as retell our focus stories, including ‘The Elves and The Shoemaker’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We will be discussing the characters and the part they play in the stories.


Literacy We will be continuing with RWI, focussing on how we can blend and segment our phonemes to help us read and write. The children will bring homework home to compliment the work covered in their RWI group. Reading books are changed every week and library books are will be being sent home again after the library launch on Wednesday 25th January 2017.. It is important that reading books and reading diaries are in school every Friday. The children will be encouraged to write, sounding out the phonemes (sounds) that they can hear in words. They will also begin encouraged to find ‘red words’, to help them to write words such as ‘the’, ‘to’ and ‘was’.


We will also be creating story maps of our traditional tales, thinking about how each story has a beginning, a middle and an end.


Maths In our Maths sessions, we will be looking at the numbers up to 20. We will be looking at the position of numbers - eg which numbers do they come before, after, in between and next to? The children will learn to recognise and write the numbers. We will also be exploring addition and subtraction in practical ways, asking what is one more/ one less than a number.


Physical Development Please can you make sure that PE kits are brought in to school on your child’s PE day?

Tuesday - Young Investigators

Thursday - Young Creators

Friday - Young Adventurers


All children will need a full PE kit - pumps, black shorts and a coloured t-shirt linked to the CHS #code they have been allocated to.


January Dates For Your Diary:

Thursday 12/1/17 ‘The Magic Castle’ pantomime performance


Class visits to Chelmsley Wood Library:

Monday 16/1/17 am – Young Adventurers

Monday 23/1/17 am Young Investigators

Friday 27/1/17 pm Young Creator


Thursday 26/1/17 Reception Hearing Tests

Thursday 26/1/17 Reception Reading Event - Bedtime Story (5-6pm)


We're looking forward to another busy half term! Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Reception Team should you have any questions or concerns.

October 2016




PE will be starting next week. On their PE day, could your child can come to school in their PE kit and bring their uniform to change into after PE. Obviously, with the mornings being a little nippy at the moment, joggers or something similar to ensure your child is warm in the mornings can be worn with their shorts underneath.


The days for PE are as follows:

Young Investigators – TUESDAYS


Young Creators – THURSDAYS


Young Adventurers - FRIDAYS


Our school PE kit is: black shorts, black pumps and a coloured t-shirt (please see your child’s class teacher if you are unsure which colour t-shirt your child needs. These are available to buy from the school office.)


Read Write Inc

When your child is learning a new sound there will be a sound sheet in their bags. Please complete this with your child, as it will help consolidate that sound.


Thank you to those parents who were able to attend today's meeting about reading. The following links will provide more useful information on how we teach your child to read in school:


Ruth Miskin Parents’ Page:


Ruth Miskin Facebook:


Free e-books for home reading:


Library book

Every Friday your child will have the chance to visit the school library and choose a book of their choice to share with you at home. Please return this library book to school every Thursday.


Forest school

Forest school (outdoor learning) will be every Friday. The children will be going out to work with Mr. Harrison in all weathers. They will need wellies, gloves, a hat and a warm coat.


If you have any questions or concerns we are happy to help you, just speak to a member of staff of the Reception Team.

September 2016


We hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and we are sure you are now ready to start the new school year, welcome to Reception! We are thrilled to be teaching your child as they begin an exciting new school year. We’d like to say a very big welcome to the new children and their families that are joining us this year. We hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Reception has to offer!


Reception is a time that children begin a lifetime of learning. It is a year for learning, growing, making friends, and a lot of fun, too!  Our days will be filled with stories, letters, phonics, numbers, writing, and many other activities and memories.


Please do not hesitate to pop in, or pick up the phone if you have any concerns at all. We are committed to ensuring that every child has the very best, happiest and smoothest start to their school life and that mums and dads find it as painless as possible too!


Please find the link to our welcome pack for new pupils in Reception Class that most of you should have received before we broke up for the summer.


#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage