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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2015-16


3B Class Teacher: Miss M Brathwaite


3G Class Teacher: Miss H George 


Support Staff: Mrs R Gibbs, Miss R Hunt, Mrs J Smith


Learning Mentor: Mr S Hunter


Raising Standards Teacher: Mrs A Khand 









Year 3 Latin trip

On Monday 20th June, Year 3 Graduated from their first year of Latin at Solihull School. Year 3 took part in various exciting activities.

We made Roman biscuits made from porridge oats, honey, raisins and olive oil. We mixed all the ingredients together and placed in the oven for 10-15 minutes. They tasted delicious.

Year 3 had a Latin master class consolidating our knowledge on Latin verbs and adverbs. Latin adverbs usually end in ter.

Year 3 practised and performed Greek Myths which relate to our Minimus text book!

We ended our day with a Latin Olympics! We took part in the long jump, javelin and 100m sprint.

Finally, we graduated with certificates!

Year 3 trip to Cadbury World

As part of our ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ topic, Year 3 had a great day at Cadbury World. The children were really enthusiastic and engrossed in the history of Cadbury chocolate and learning the process. We would like to say a massive well done to the children for representing the school highly with positive behaviour and manners. Well done Year 3!


Love to Investigate

How do fossils form?

Year 3 recently stepped into the role of palaeontologists by investigating how fossils form. We then created our own fossil using layers of bread (sediment) and sweets (animal skeleton).  We applied heavy pressure and left this to settle for 4-5 days before revealing our very own fossils!

How does water travel in plants?

Year 3 have investigated how water travels to the tops of trees. Firstly we carried out an investigation using celery and food colouring. We found out that the food colouring in the water travelled to the tops of the celery leaves through a process called capillary action. Year 3 were amazed to see this, as they thought the water would not travel that far.

Following on from this investigation, we then created our own stems by attaching straws to each other. We investigated how many straws we could suck the water through before we could no longer suck. We found that we could suck the water through an amazing distance… 18 straws!!


Gods and Mortals

The children are really enjoying and are thoroughly engrossed in this half term’s topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. Some of the highlights so far are;

  • Reading some legendary myths

  • Creating diary entries from a mythical characters point of view

  • Detailed drawing of the famous Minotaur

  • The conflicts between famous Greek cities

  • Understanding how Ancient Greece has influenced English Events – The Marathon


Latin Graduation

We are looking forward to taking part in a Latin graduation which is being held at Solihull School in June. More details to follow!


Year 3's Autumn Term Overview

A Snapshot of our Learning September 2015

A Snapshot of our Learning September 2015 1
A Snapshot of our Learning September 2015 2


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