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Year 5

Teaching Support across Year 5: Mrs Harb and Mrs Binder
This term our topic is - Scream Machine
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What would it be like to travel on a rollercoaster?


How do they work?


How much science is involved in getting the rollercoaster going?


These are all question we will consider during our topic this term.

Pestilence description.


In Year 5, we have been looking at the idea of Pestilence as a character - This is some of our great description.


Pestilence slithered through the barren streets of London scanning for his next victim. With an icy breath, Pestilence contaminated anything in his path. Viciously, he teared his victims from limb to limb. The death devil reigned the streets of London with death written all over. He starts off silent then strikes with a terrifying roar of pain. Leaving a path of pain and death, he strikes again.

Silently, he slithers through the peaks of the doors. As he hisses in the darkness of the shadows he senses his next victim. One after one as he consumes his path with a stench of his smell. He slowly contaminates your body. He viciously sucks your blood from the inside out. As he awakes at the crack of dawn he searches his prey to rip with his jaws.

Jessica White
Pestilence... is a cold, invincible figure that hunts down innocent people with his army of deadly rats. The unstoppable dark force of nature contaminating everything in his way. Death is written all over him; as he wisps through the night infecting young, old, rich and even the poor. Menacingly, he slithers through the tiniest of cracks just to spread his disease. Now he awaits to infect his last but not least VICTIM.

Summer 1 - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence


Image result for cornerstones peasants princes and pestilence


We are getting ready for our next topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. We are going to be writing some exciting pieces about knights and finding out all about the plague and how bacteria spreads. It should be exciting and disgusting. We can't wait!

The Wonder Why Society


Year 5 have joined the wonder why society. It is an opportunity for teh children to show they skills of enquiry and carry out wonders and missions. Every child has their own secure user name and they will be able to access the website in school and at home.


Check out the wonderwhy society at

Science week


Year 5 have been investigating soil types as part of our allotment topic and British Science week. We have investigated which soils would be useful for building a sports pitch. 


Welcome back for Spring Term 2.


We had such a wonderful Spring 1 so we are hoping to keep going with great enthusiasm in Spring 2. Our new Cornerstones topic is Allotments so we will be getting green fingered this half term.


We are also starting a mysterious book called Floodland. We will let you know more as we discover it:


Year 5 Space Centre Trip

Year 5 Space Centre Trip 1 Searching for rockets
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 2 Space explorers
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 3 Boarding the rocket
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 4 Selfies from space
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 5 Selfies from space part 2
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 6 Calling the past
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 7 One small step
Year 5 Space Centre Trip 8 One giant leap

Welcome To Infinity Park

We have been working on persuasive writing linked to our novel, Cosmic(We love this book). This is Tom's radio advert.

Cosmic Art Work

Spring Term 


In Year 5 - We are going through Space in the topic 'Stargazing'


Things to look out for:


Our amazing new book - Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce



Our school trip - The National Space Centre


Leaf Man




This week we have been looking at the poem 'Leaf Man'.


This is Josh's version:


Born of leaves and dust,

Leaf-man comes.

Pulling on his scarf

and doing up his coat

ready to fight the treacherous cold.


Rapidly drifting from side to side,

through the street

like a sprinter

on his last lap

in his Olympics race.


Going down old alleyways

and going through homes

watching his back

and fighting the wind

the leaf-man is never seen.


The leaf-man will come

the leaf-man will hide.

If you see him

he will turn back down into leaves

and turn golden.


Going through school

and being a fool

Running through buildings

and onto the roofs

Appearing at the window and waiting.


At last he goes

And waits a year.

Never seen for a year

and losing his eyes,

but next year he’ll arrive.

Alchemy Island


Year 5 have begun their adventures on Alchemy Island. We have shown great enthusiasm to discover the secrets of the island and created some fantastic work for display. Check out the work on parents evening.

Cornerstones - Alchemy Island

Weekly homework



During half term we would like the children to complete their British Values homework.


Year 5 Autumn A British Value Home Learning Project


During British Value lessons this half term, we have learnt about the Chartists and how they earned the right to vote.  Your task over half term is to find out about voting.


Why do people vote?

Does everyone have to vote?

Why did people want to vote? Who made voting change?

What difference does it make when you vote?

How often do people vote and what for?


You can produce your findings in a presentation possibly using Powerpoint or in the form of a poster. Alternatively you can produce this in the form of a book (you can make it look as creative as you like!) Be creative as possible.


Useful links:

Short film clip-


Homework projects are due in on Tuesday 1st November. Have a lovely half term.

Mr Russell and Miss Wright







Welcome to Year 5.
It is going to be another exciting year at CHS and year 5 is going to be amazing.

During the year we will keep you updated with all of the latest goings on in year 5, with photos, work, trips and all kinds of exciting events that will be happening as the year progresses. We can't wait to get going and hope that you will come on this journey with us.

First stop - THE MOON!


We can't wait to get started!
The Year 5 Team
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