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Helping your child with maths at home



Mathletics empowers learners to feel confident and motivated to think critically, make learning choices, seek help when they need it and reflect on their learning by being able to visually track their progress.


Mathletics homework is set by teachers to support the learning that has taken place in the classroom. Children will be awarded certificates for the amount of points that they receive. 


How points are rewarded: 


A certificate is awarded to a child once they have earned 1000 points in a single week. Only one certificate is awarded each week, to help encourage sustained study by the child. Points are awarded across Mathletics in a number of ways…

  • Live Mathletics – students earn one point per correct answer

  • Live Mathletics – students earn two points per correct answers on their bonus level

  • Mathletics curriculum – 10 points per correct answer within individual activities. Your children can earn a maximum of 300 points per activity, per week. 

#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage