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Coronavirus Update
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Performance and events update.

Dear Children

Christmas is a special time 🎄and we know how much you enjoy singing and performing for your parents. Due to the weather, we have had to re-arrange times but don’t worry .....the show must go on!

We also know that you have missed your practice and preparation time so we have been thinking about how to factor this in so youare as confident as possible. With this in mind, performance times are as follows:

Y2 and Y3 (Phase 2) will be on:
14th Dec at 9am
19th Dec at 9am
19th Dec at 2.45pm

Y4/Y5/Y6 Phase 3 dates and times as planned
14th Dec at 2.30pm and 6pm

Champion Learner assemblies - as planned on 15th Dec at usual times for Friday assemblies (individual parents invited).

Attendance assembly will now be on the last day of term - 9.15am(school only).

We have lots of Christmas fun planned and can’t wait to see you all.

Hope you are looking after your parents!
Love from Miss Fowles

Parents - we are having to work around a lot of internal events like the school Christmas dinner and parties to re-schedule so pleasetake this into account. We hope the additional time for Y2/Y3performance supports working parents who have had to take time for the snow day. Please choose ONE date and time to attend. Do not worry about the colour of tickets now - just as long as no more than two tickets per child and attend ONE of the performances.PLEASE RESPECT THIS REQUEST. This is for health and safety numbers in hall and to allow parents to see children perform.When it gets too crowded, this becomes difficult.
#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage