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School Opening Arrangements Due to Snow 12.12.17

1. We CAN open school tomorrow BUT ONLY with restricted access and if you all help us to stay safe. Please note that the arrangements being put into place are to PREVENT a potential accident.

Main hazards:
*Black ice patches
*Side road access

2. Currently we are organising staffing to allow for an extended arrival time for ONE DAY only. This will be reviewed on a day by day basis because it does result in loss of learning which is very serious. Having said that, SAFETY is the main priority.

Children can arrive between 7.50am and 9.50am (two hour arrival slot).

It would be helpful if working parents bring children BEFORE 8.40am

If you can wait until later due to no other commitments please arrive between 9.05am and 9.40am

Morning nursery : arrive between 8.20 and 8.40am
Afternoon nursery: arrive between 12.20 and 12.40

We MUST avoid the pinch point of everyone arriving at the same time.

Staff will be visible at certain restricted points (explained in the next update) and we are requesting that parents leave children with staff (coming straight into school and NOT on the playground).

Parents be aware: you may have to come through a different access point tomorrow (nobody likes change!) and you may also need to park slightly away from the school. I would also consider the use of a “walking bus” with friends that you trust if you are nervous about ice yourself.

Main roads and motorways are good. Side roads are concerns in places but not impossible like 24 to 48 hours ago. High gears, low speed and sensible decisions needed.

I strongly encourage drivers to move snow off vehicles today and not wait until the morning. Also warm up engine and move as much snow off drives as possible. Drive if safe to do so.

1. Chuckles will open as normal - more info to follow about parking as Lime Grove is a concern at present (hoping for change on this).
2. Chums will open but access through MAIN ENTRANCE of school NOT side door.
3. We have enough staff available from 8am so my previous update about arrival times stand INCLUDING breakfast club.
4. No after school clubs will take place for the rest of the week. They resume in the new year now.

Please be aware, that we may also have to extend end of day leaving times as ice yellow warning ⚠️ is still in place. Our winter risk assessment actions become live from 6am tomorrow morning.


Rather than lay down a list of “rules” that people don’t like anyway,I am going to give some factual information about access andallow you to make your own INFORMED decisions.

There are, however, some considerations I am respectfully requesting and these are as follows:

1. Consider residents and neighbours that live on side roads -blocking of driveways isn’t fair
2. The truth that we are all just trying to get our children into school safely. Help each other.
3. Side roads (at this moment) continue to be icy. Take great care and park AWAY then slowly walk on paths rather than slide into each other on the side roads!

At CHS we have many families to cater for and every single child is important. Some families who are working might need early drop off, some who feel worried about the conditions, some who may have additional needs or need mobility support. The only way to achieve this tomorrow is to work together.


Walnut Close and Hazel Croft access will be open. We will have cones and Marshalls to guide children DIRECTLY into the nearest door entrance. This is crucial so that we minimise the risk of slipping and sliding if the ice persists. The open playground WILL NOT be available. There will be no playground access at playtime or lunchtime.

Beech Avenue (back entrance) will remain CLOSED AND THE GATE LOCKED. I am aware this might not be popular but please trust me when I say we have assessed the area and feel it poses a VERY significant risk. If you normally come through that gate we are requesting that you access via other points and you need a little more time. That is why we have extended the time so DO NOT RUSH but access calmly and safely. You can arrive until 9.40am to help achieve this.

Lime Grove - main entrance. This is the most difficult of all. As explained above, we shall be accepting children from the nearest point of access INCLUDING the main entrance. Staff will be on hand to man the doors. HOWEVER.......we are issuing the follow WARNING:

ALDER DRIVE (Hill and turn) leading to Lime Grove IS NOT SAFE. I am urging drivers to NOT drive down into Lime Grove. Please use a different point. Staff will be supporting children who walk into school. It would help if parents handed children over and left site as quickly as possible. We are going to be taking children straight into school. We will not be walking around the whole site.

In short - drivers will pose a risk to the safety of children unlessyou take this advice. Pedestrians will be supported and straight into the school building. You Will NOT have to walk around the whole site.

Hometime arrangements: we will allow collection of EYFS ANDKS1 children (and older siblings) from 2.30pm. Again, this is to stop congestion. Usual care given to children who stay until 3.15pm. If you can collect early, please support this.

Please take time now to plan your arrival time, home time and access points.

I cannot thank you all enough for your understanding and support.Please arrive earlier or later than usual and consider most sensibleaccess point. Many staff on board to help in the morning!

Walnut Close leads: Mrs Holtom and Mrs Begum
Hazel Croft Leads: Mr Russell and Mrs Roberts-Doyle
Lime Grove Leads: Miss Fowles and other team members

Thank you all

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