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Parent Feed-Forward

April 2016 Parent Feed-Forward Comments


Lacey Tombs – Rec and 6M  (Vicky Tombs)


  • I feel the staff are very approachable and if they do not know the answers they will always find out for me.
  • I feel my children get lots of support from all staff in the school.
  • My children like coming to school and feel safe there.
  • My children are always learning new things.
  • My children always want to extend their learning at home and are always very eager to show their teachers what they have done.
  • The staff always give positive feedback when my children have taken things in and they come home very proud of themselves.
  • The partnership with parents is very good
  • I love coming to the workshops whenever I can.
  • I am very happy with this school and do recommend this school to others.


Mollie Brown - 2P (Claire Lane)


  • Lovely modern school which is so spacious and clean.
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Feel the children are safe and they love coming to school.
  • The termly reports are brilliant as I like to know what my children are doing.
  • Workshops are brilliant and really informative.
  • My son loves the breakfast workshop as it helps him with his revision because it’s hard getting him to revise at home.
  • Love the newsletter because it tells you everything and shows you pictures of the staff who will be your child’s teacher.


Jack Stanley - 3B (Ricard Stanley)


  • All the staff are fantastic.
  • Mr Hunter is a legend.
  • Both children love coming to school.
  • Miss Brathwaite and Miss Richards are outstanding teachers and are a credit to the school.
  • They have really brought my autistic son ‘out of his shell’.
  • The new facilities are great and things are dealt with appropriately.
  • Miss Budd is an amazing member of staff who is so supportive.
  • Good to see a mainstream school looking after the needs of a child with autism where 30 years ago they would have been classed as a naughty child.


George Izzard - 4R (Judith Izzard)


  • Newsletter is great, I find it is very helpful and informative.
  • Reports are informative.
  • Never had any real issues, but always feel they would be dealt with as the school is always supportive.
  • I love the Twitter feeds and always look at the photos.
  • Never had any issues with the communication.


Evelyn Amos 5J (Kelly Amos)


  • Happy with the school and very happy with the way the children are progressing.
  • Love the termly reports because it helps me to know what areas I can help my child in.
  • I think the website is brilliant.
  • Love the texts to keep me up to date.
  • Love the newsletter because it has so much information.
  • The workshops were brilliant and make you think.
  • Office staff are very welcoming and always polite and friendly.


Ruby Tracey 5J (Louise Tracey)


  • I think the school is great and happy with how my child is developing.  
  • Great how she gets lots of encouragement and rewards to read.
  • Love the new layout of the school.
  • Would definitely recommend the school to others.
  • The staff are really good and my daughter loves the teachers.
  • Information is brilliant with plenty of letters to keep us informed.
  • Love the text messaging saying how good my child has been in school.
  • Love the reward assembly, it’s really good.
  • Love Facebook and Twitter
  • Impressed with everything!


Rihanna Moss 5J (Michelle Moss)


  • The school is brilliant.
  • She is a clever child and really pleased with how she is challenged to go further.
  • Love how she is praised and is put forward for things such as rewards and certificates.
  • The termly reports are really good and informative.
  • Workshops are good and for just the right amount of time.
  • School website is good with lots of information.
  • Love Facebook and twitter.
  • Newsletter is brilliant with lots of information and everything we need to know.
  • My daughter is happy and loves coming to school; she becomes really upset when she can’t attend because of illness.
  • The termly report is really good so I can keep an eye on her learning and it’s brilliant to see the progress the children are making.


Charlotte Makepeace 6S (Denise Makepeace)


  • Love the new build as it is so fantastic light and spacious.
  • Teachers do a wonderful job and help as much as they can.
  • The newsletter is brilliant, there’s everything we need to know. Especially for working parents.
  • The information on the website is great.
  • Love the information on Twitter.
  • I think the workshops are absolutely fantastic because it helps us to see what they are doing so we can help them at home, It’s all great!
  • Well impressed with everything that the school does.


Ethan Edwards 6S (Kaylle Feeney)


  • The school is great and my child really wants to push himself to achieve.
  • The teachers have really brought him out of himself and he is so happy.
  • The teachers Mr S and Miss M are second to none and are really good.
  • He has gained so much confidence.
  • The after school SATS clubs have really helped him and are brilliant and he has got a lot more confidence through attending.






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