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School Assessment System

School Assessment System - Insight

All children are taught against the national curriculum objectives and the staff use a system called Insight to monitor children's understanding and progress . Termly, teachers assess children using teacher judgements and carry out standardised testing to support these judgements.
In order to assess and track the children the school has  carefully designed objectives to ensure that children are taught with the depth and mastery of skills and this supports staff when making termly teacher assessments. The termly assessment judgements are explained below:

Well Below = Children are working at more than one year below their age related expectation (ARE), Below = Children are working no more than one year below ARE, Broadly = Children are working within the year group curriculum but are not yet secure in all aspects, Secure= Children are working securely within their year group curriculum, Greater Depth= Children are working securely and showing mastery within their year group curriculum.  

Ultimately, at CHS our goal is to ensure children reach their full potential and develop a love of learning!

#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage