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Values of the Month


Value of the month


Aim – To develop core values within our school.

The school Parliament met and discussed core values they believe would make the most impact on our school. They came up with the themes for each month and which values they would like to promote.




Joyful January


Friendship February

Love and compassion

Mindful March

Open mindedness

Ambitious April

Dedication and risk taking

Motivational May

Perseverance and enthusiasm

Joined up June

Loyalty and teamwork

Self- love September

Spirituality and self-control

Optimistic October


Noble November


Diversity December

Generosity and community


How will we promote these values?

Every month the members of Parliament announce the theme and value in assembly. They take the lead in the assembly to promote the values.

Teachers promote the values with their lessons, making links where appropriate to current learning.



#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage