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Year 1

History in Year 1


Extinction! (Spring)

We will introduce the flow of time using timelines and talk about the meaning of past, present and future. How have things changed, what is it like now? and How might they change? We will use sources of information, like fossils to understand how palaeontologists know that dinosaurs existed. We will study the life of Mary Anning, a significant individual from history.


Memory Box (Summer)

We will continue to use timelines to talk about how we have changed from when we were born to now and also since before we were born. We will ask people who are older than us what their childhood was like and compare it to our own and what things are like today. We will look at everyday objects and notice how they have changed as well as games, and activities that children would play in the past and what they like to do now. We will learn about Florence Nightingale and her impact on how hospitals are run today.

#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage