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Year 5

History in Year 5


Invaders and Traders (Autumn)

We will introduce the flow of time using timelines and investigate the significant changes that have happened in Britain due to the reign of Anglo-Saxon and Viking rule. We will be exploring how people lived (home, food, healthcare and transport) what jobs people had, religion and the role of education during this period of time compared to today, using a variety of non-fiction sources. We will also discuss and blog our findings to present to our peers.


Off with her Head (Spring)

We will continue to use timelines to compare events from Anglo-Saxon history and Tudor history. We will be closely looking at the significance of Tudor rule and how this has impacted everyday life in Britain in the past and present, using artefacts and non-fictions texts. We will research the importance and the significant impact of the Battle of Bosworth and present our findings to our peers. We will also learn about Henry VIII’s reign over Britain. We will visit Warwick Castle to extend our knowledge of how Henry Vlll lived and the functional features and importance of a castle in the past. 


#Kindness #Confidence #Honesty #Courage