At Coleshill Heath our CORE PRIORITY is to adopt a high performing culture so that EVERY child receives access to a safe, successful and highly positive environment... EVERY day.

We believe a 'team' should recognise individual strengths but work for a common purpose to foster a sense of collective responsibility. Additionally, we ensure that all teachers continue to be learners themselves by providing meaningful professional development opportunities and reflecting on our own practices.

Use these tabs to learn about the people and roles within our school, and if you have any questions you can always email us, here


Miss Nicole Fowles

Miss Nicole Fowles

Strategic Lead, Whole School Responsibility, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching & Learning, Standards, Leadership, Vision, Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Deputy Headteacher

Miss C Budd

Miss C Budd

Deputy Headteacher
Immediate Support To Strategic Lead

Named SENDCO and progress of SEND pupils Looked After Children (LAC) Named Teacher Monitoring and Evaluation Parent & Community Liaison Whole School Management and Organisation (Timetabling) Strategic Lead for SEND Intervention Safeguarding

Assistant Headteachers

Mr A Russell

Mr A Russell

Assistant Head
Behaviour and Pastoral, Phase 3

Pupil Premium and catch-up, Pastoral and Behaviour Team Line Manager and Strategic Tracking and Reporting

Miss R Thomas

Miss R Thomas

Assistant Head
Curriculum, Teaching & Learning and Phase 2

Strategic Core Curriculum Development, Developing Teaching & Learning, Liaise with External Support via UNITY

Miss T Strong

Miss T Strong

Strategic Lead: Early Years
EYFS and Year 1 (Phase 1)

EYFS Curriculum, Provision and Environment and Assessment and Standards




Mrs K Gallier

Subject Lead: English

Mrs H Hennessy

Subject Lead: Maths (and assessment)

Mr D Day

Subject Lead: Sport and PE

Miss J Robbinson

Subject Lead: Science and Computing

Ms C Whiting

Subject Lead: PSHE and Values

Miss J Hayes

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Lead


Miss S Thomson

Nursery Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs R Arnold, Mrs S Wood, Miss L Ford, Ms A Homer, Miss N Jones, Miss L O'Connor, Mrs M Calthorpe, Miss K Palmer, Mrs V Tombs



Miss K Price, Miss Z Bonehill, Mrs C Holtom

Support Staff

Mrs J Harding, Miss K Owen, Miss K Morris

Year 1


Miss K McCombe, Miss L Flaherty

Support Staff

Miss V Pope, Mrs L O'Grady

Year 2


Mrs H Pow, Miss C Wylde, Miss C Yardley

Support Staff

Ms R Gibbs, Miss N Linthwaite, Miss C Johnson

Year 3


Mr M Stevens, Mr P Broadbridge

Support Staff

Miss R Hunt

Year 4


Miss L Boland, Miss V Scarlett (extended supply), Mr D Day

Support Staff

Mrs A Hunt, Mrs H Harb, Mrs S Bird

Year 5


Miss S Hewitt, Miss C Powers

Support Staff

Ms J Smith, Mrs E Graham

Year 6


Miss K Watt, Miss J Robinson, Mr D McGann

Support Staff

Mr J Fletcher, Mrs S Turrell, Ms J Smith

Additional Capacity

Cover Teaching Staff

Mrs D Hall, Miss J Hayes, Miss R Thomas, Mr A Russell, Miss J Smith

Family and Welfare Lead

Mrs C Moore

Family and Welfare and EYFS SENDCO

Ms N Catlow

Pastoral Team

Mrs S Turrell, Mrs D Warrilow, Miss S SMith, Mr N Brown


Miss Caroline Budd

ASD Lead


Extended Childcare Lead

Mrs R Arnold

Office Administration

Mrs D Curley

Mrs D Curley

Business Manager
Finance, HR, Health & Safety, Premises

Miss R Worrall

Office Manager

Miss N Hughes

Finance Officer

Mrs J Perry, Ms R Thorneywork

Secretarial and Admin Support

Other Team Members

Mr T Blunn

Site Manager

Mr R Holmes

Site Manager

Mrs J Ginder

Senior Lunchtime and Cleaning Staff Supervisor

Mrs J Robinson

Head Cook

Mr M Abbott

ICT Network Manager