Welcome to Coleshill Heath School's 2 Year Old Provision.

Coleshill Heath School now welcomes children to join us from the term after they turn 2.  

Our newly developed provision is the perfect place for children to start their education.

We provide children with a variety of rich sensory experiences to help them to make sense of the world and learn about themselves. Our nurturing team ensure that children feel safe and loved, and help them develop their confidence to explore our environment. We value the importance of talk, and base our curriculum around developing vocabulary through conversations, songs and rhymes. Our children learn about routines and boundaries, find out about their own emotions, and are supported to make new relationships with others. 

Our children use their outdoor classroom to develop their physical skills each day, build strength and co-ordination. We use books to explore concepts and share stories again and again to build understanding. Role-play allows our children to represent their own experiences and we encourage and support them as sensitive play partners.

Adults share 'Bucket Time' with small groups, helping to develop the children's listening and attention skills. 

Above all, our 2 year olds have fun exploring the messy side of learning. 

See our curriculum goals for 2 year olds here:

2s Curriculum Goals

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Please find our application form below if you would like to apply for a space in our 2 year old provision.