Welcome to Coleshill Heath School's 3 Year Old Provision

Our Nursery provides our children with a solid 'school readiness' by learning through play and exploration. 

Children in our 3 year old provision quickly begin to develop the skills they need to become competent learners. 

Children rapidly develop their fine motor skills through 'funky fingers' and mark-making activities. We explore a range of materials and textures to encourage them to dive in and create. 

Our children learn stories by heart through 'Talk for Writing', developing their vocabulary and understanding of story structure. Acting out stories helps us to memorise them, and children learn to adapt them to make up their own. 

Mathematical concepts are explored using number songs, objects, images, loose parts and construction materials. Through experience and practise, children learn how to master counting and shape. 

Children discover their world through hands-on, sensory experiences, including using forest school and outdoors to find out about the world in which we live. Children learn to be respectful of others, learning that there are points of view that differ from their own, and build a sense of community within their classroom. 


See our curriculum goals for 3 year olds here:

3s Curriculum Goals

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Please find our application form below if you would like to apply for a space in our 3 year old provision.

3 Year Old Application Form

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