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In Reception our children quickly get to grips with the school routine through structured carpet times and adult-led activities. Our environment plays an important part in encouraging children to become independent learners, and we support them to use the skills we teach through their self-chosen play. We follow children's interests where possible to motivate them to develop a life-long love of learning. 

We support our children to form respectful relationships with each other, self-regulate their emotions and learn to communicate their needs effectively. Children develop their gross and fine motor skills across the indoor and outdoor classrooms, not only growing in strength and stamina, but developing the muscles needed to write.

Our children explore art through self-expression and experimentation, with a focus on the process rather than the end product. They explore changes through cooking and science investigations, find out about nature through growing plants and our forest school visits, and learn about different celebrations to find out about cultures and people. Our children enjoy performing and sharing their ideas with others because they understand that everyone has a valuable contribution to make within our school community. 

In Reception we build on the language and stories that the children learn in our nursery, rapidly developing vocabulary through our Talk 4 Writing projects. By exploring characters, role-playing stories and unpicking the meaning of new words through hands-on experiences, our children learn a bank of sentence structures to support their future writing skills.

Children start to learn the sounds of letters (phonics) within the first few weeks, laying the foundations for early reading. Our Read Write Inc program (RWI) helps children to progress quickly with blending sounds together to read words and sentences. To find out about our phonics/ reading scheme, please follow the link below for ‘Read, Write, Inc; Parents Information.’

Phonics - Read, Write, Inc. Parent Information

Please click the link below to view our Reception Curriculum Goals

Reception Curriculum Goals


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